Racing against the clock with zero time to make nutritious breakfasts? Wishing you could enjoy a homemade meal with whole ingredients? You may have lost your connection to pure and nourishing foods but it's easy to get back on track. Sign up for Living Atman's free 7-day journey through breakfast!

For 7 days, you will:

Create simple and delicious plant based breakfasts using whole foods.

Incorporate homemade nut mylk, granola, and juices for added nutritional benefits.

Start shifting into habits for a lifetime of health and happiness.

What you'll get:

7 days of plantbased recipes and an easy-to-follow shopping list. 

A daily motivational email with action steps, wake-up wisdom, plus fun photos!

An invite to our Eat Well community so you can share progress and get feedback. 

Who is this challenge for?

Those concerned about their health and confused about breakfast options.

• Animal-lovers who want to feel good about their choices.

'Junk food' vegans
 who are ready to lead a less processed life & decrease their impact on mama earth.

 Anyone wanting to reconnect with food in a positive way.